NSLU2 is now Debian powered

Sun 16 November 2008 by LrdShaper

Managed to finish most of the migration as scheduled. Installation and configuration took roughly 8-10hrs including a few power naps here and there and native compilation of some of the packages mostly because the newer version is not in the repositories. NTP server is up, so is the WINS server …

Web server will be down the whole weekend

Fri 14 November 2008 by LrdShaper

I'll be replacing my NSLU2's HDD this weekend and moving from uNSLUng to Debian Lenny RC1. Since I also have quite a list of services that I have to migrate to Debian, the site may well be down the whole weekend.

The NSLU2 currently runs on a 160gb 3.5 …

Services moved to the XBOX

Sun 21 September 2008 by LrdShaper

Finally finished moving most of the services from my NSLU2 to the XBOX running XebianV1.1.4. It was a slow process setting up the XBOX just the way I want it with what little spare time I have but now I'm quite happy with it. XBOX now runs:
o …

Use rtorrent for your downloads

Thu 07 August 2008 by LrdShaper

If you own a hacked ( NSLU2 or XBOX), rtorrent and screen/dtach can prove to be your new best friend. It's lightweight, fast, stable and uses less memory than a goldfish.

So what can rtorrent do? Well for starters it can:

1) Watch directories for new torrents. So all you …

SSH Forwarding

Thu 05 June 2008 by LrdShaper

I read a post last night in the ReadyNAS Forums asking about how to securely access the Bittorent Client Web UI in his ReadyNAS from a remote location. I made a step by step guide in their forums on how to go about doing that thru SSH Forwarding and I …