Astro EPG for Vista Media Center v2

Sat 11 May 2013 by LrdShaper

I've updated my script again after the recent redesign of the Astro website which also changed their EPG API. EPGs are updated every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun (7am and 7pm).
Again point your BladeRunner to ChannelInfo.xml and xmltv.xml.gz. Cheers!

Astro EPG for Vista Media Center

Sun 10 July 2011 by LrdShaper

If you're still using Vista Media Center to watch Astro, I've updated my little script which scrapes the Astro website and creates the XMLs needed by BladeRunner to generate TV Guide data for Vista Media Center. If you're just interested in the XMLs, point your BladeRunner to https://www.lrdshaper …