Services moved to the XBOX

Sun 21 September 2008 by LrdShaper

Finally finished moving most of the services from my NSLU2 to the XBOX running XebianV1.1.4. It was a slow process setting up the XBOX just the way I want it with what little spare time I have but now I'm quite happy with it. XBOX now runs:
o Subversion as my version control software
o Postfix + Cyrus-imapd + Sieve + SpamAssassin for my email server
o Tor + Privoxy for online anonymity
o Nagios for monitoring my other devices
o Cross-compilation environments for PSP, ReadyNAS x86 devices, uNSLUng, DD-WRT and Openmoko
o RSSDler for downloading podcasts and vidcasts which are then automatically transferred to my ReadyNAS after download is complete
o and CUPS-PDF for PDF printing over the network

Kernel image has also been upgraded from 2.4.31-xbox to

Services that remained on my NSLU2 are:
o OpenVPN server to give my friends access to my network. Planning on moving this to my WRT350Nv1.0 so I can switch to Tap (bridged) mode
o NTP server to keep time synchronized on my local network
o rTorrent
o OpenSSH + a pass-sentence protected private key for securely accessing my network from any internet-connected location.
o WINS server for Windows name resolution on the local network
o XLink engine for internet gaming
o and lighttpd + nanoblogger for running this blog

Next step will be figuring out how I can maximize my WRT350N router. Cheers!