Use rtorrent for your downloads

Thu 07 August 2008 by LrdShaper

If you own a hacked ( NSLU2 or XBOX), rtorrent and screen/dtach can prove to be your new best friend. It's lightweight, fast, stable and uses less memory than a goldfish.

So what can rtorrent do? Well for starters it can:

1) Watch directories for new torrents. So all you have to do is drop the torrent file into the specified directory and rtorrent will start downloading immediately

2) You can tell it to stop seeding after a specific ratio has been reached

3) Set your download rate to change as per schedule (ex. you want the download rate to be 100Kb between 12:00am to 9:59am but change to 10Kb from 10:00am to 11:59pm)

4) Move completed torrents to different directories depending on the watched directory (ex. torrents in /download1 directory will be moved to /downloads/apps when finished and torrents in /download2 will be moved to /downloads/freemusic)

Itching to try it out? Then start clicking to find out how to compile and configure rtorrent

If you're running uNSLUng on your NSLU2, just run ipkg install rtorrent and you're good to go.