More toys!

Wed 03 June 2009 by LrdShaper

I received my SheevaPlug this week. It's a teeny-bit smaller than I thought it would be from the pics that I see on the net. Probably because of my somewhat larger hands :)

Anyway, the SheevaPlug is a small device, probably the size of a laptop's power brick, that's very big in functionality. I've been looking for an upgrade to my NSLU2 for years and decided to go with Marvell's plug computer. Martin Michlmayr stated that he "believes the SheevaPlug is a killer replacement for the NSLU2" and I very much agree. The SheevaPlug is all over the web now so I'm not going to bother putting the specs here. If you want to see benchmark figures you can check out the wiki provided by pushbx here or you can go to Martin's journal and see what the guy of NSLU2 fame has to say about the SheevaPlug. If you enjoyed hacking your NSLU2 then you're going to love the SheevaPlug. Time for me to tinker with it. Top two on the list: 1) Upgrade uboot and 2) Replace Ubuntu, the distro that came with the plug, with Debian.

Good times ahead :D