Finished my asterisk setup

Sat 20 February 2010 by LrdShaper

After lots of reading and studying over the previous weekend I finally got my asterisk setup the way I wanted it. Previously running on the XBOX and now moved to the SheevaPlug, I now have two PSTN lines (one in the Philippines and one here in Malaysia) that can also be used as access numbers, an IVR menu, voicemail, a conference room, call transfer, call waiting and a working FollowMe configuration. My friends can also call my phone from YM, Windows Live Messenger or GTalk and vice versa. Since landline to landline calls are free in the Philippines, well not really free but its not metered so having a PSTN in the Philippines I can basically make unlimited calls to any landline number within Metro Manila. And having a PSTN here in Malaysia, if they call my extension here and there's no answer, asterisk can forward their calls to my mobile as a local landline-to-mobile call. Yay!

I'm using asterisk 1.4 from the Lenny repositories.

Now to enjoy the coming weekend :)